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Make a Change

These are some of the success stories and achievements of children that have stayed with the Mission to the Homeless Children organisation. Like them, many of our current children now have the oppertunity for a bright and prosperous future - and you can help them achieve this.

Since the organization started, we have seen and delivered a considerable number of achievements where we have children who have already succeeded in their sustainable lives;

- One is employed by Prisons in Morogoro as a prison Police

- Twelve are working as teachers at primary and seondary levels in various parts of the country

- One is working at Tanzania Tobacco Processers (TTPL) here in Morogoro as a Machine Operator

- One is a Social Worker

- One is working with a research organization in Dar Es Salaam

- One is an Agricultural Officer in Mtwara Region

- One is employed by one of the cellular networks in Tanzania after his undergraduate degree 2014

- One has completed her university but has not been employed and we are still following over her employment aftermath

- One is in his second year degree in the University


- Three are in various colleges among the 59 children we have while the rest are at various levels of education; nursery, primary and secondary.

We have also been able to own 15 Acre piece of land where we are currently located and has overcome the rental problems we faced sometimes back

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