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In many developing countries like Tanzania, there are multiple problems at community level that are either caused by extreme poverty or diseases. The victims of these problems either children or women and/or a combination of both. Due to this, many development initiatives by local and international Organizations in such countries aims to enhance, protect and sustain the lively hood of their beneficiaries

In Tanzania at large the issue of street children with no family contact is at its alarming rate. In Morogoro, the issue of street Children including orphans with family contact is quite notable, and the number has never ceased to increase. Every time a study on MVC conducted, the number of the MVC still calls for attention and intervention from the government, NGOs and other stakeholders for further sustainable interventions.

In Morogoro, some of the causes of ever increasing MVC include, just to mention but a few;


  1. Morogoro is a strategic business city where all national roads converge. The negative impacts of this has seen social vices like prostitution, drug abuse has seen the HIV/AIDS at its peak. This has resulted into a number of orphaned Children with no family contact.

  2. There are some traditional cultural practices that are practiced in Morogoro that also contributes to the spread of HIV/AIDS at a relatively higher rate.

  3. Morogoro has many military camps, slums and industries. This means social vices as in (1) above still contributes to the spread of HIV/AIDS

  4. The poverty level in many households has seen influx number of street children.

  5. Majority of the street children come from other regions of the country in search of better life following extreme poverty in such regions through trucks/trains and becomes street children with no family contact.


Having seen this problem, Mission to the Homeless Children was established to help the government reduce of these needy persons who seeks human love and help from well wishers.

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