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Mission to the Homeless Children has been rendering services with difficulties but with success. Major Challenges that we currently face include;

  1. Water: The area we are geographically located has no access to Municipal water supply. Many people, including us, have water wells to reduce the water problem but the challenge with the water from the wells is that it is salty and thus not used for cooking and drinking. With us, our water well developed mechanical problems with its pump. For about two years now, we are able to access its water for other normal domestic use like washing clothes. The cost of replacing the pump is approximately 6.4 million, and we don’t have anywhere to get this amount at the moment so the issue of water still remains a challenge. We have water tanks that we use to store the harvested rain water as a way of reducing water expanses but this year, the water we got due to the short rainy period is over and we incur about 120, 000 Tshs twice a week to buy water for domestic and personal use.

  2. Electricity: The area we are have no electricity. We have at various times using other sources of electricity like the solar power and the generator but due to financial constraints, we use low cost sources which do only last shorter, but also do not produce enough light. Sometimes we run short of funds to buy generator and in such cases, the security of the children at night is not guaranteed. This also affect their personal study programs at night thus lowering their academic performance at a significant rate.

  3. Food: The minimal budget for every child at MHC is Tshs. 1,900.00 per child per day as a minimal low profile basis but we have never met such budget need since we started. We entirely depend on our own local means to get food for the children. Our friend from Scotland only supports a small portion of the educational budget. Our annual food budget has no clears sources of income. This is really an uphill challenge to us. Sometimes we only get relieved for some two or less days when people come to visit us and bring the children some gifts like food stuffs.

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